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Soil Conditioners 101
What to look for in a soil conditioner

Know Your Mineral: What is the base material of the product? Minerals perform differently. Montmorillonite has the best structure for a soil conditioner.

Absorption: Has the mineral been thermally optimized for maximum absorption?

Color: Will the product help you meet the standards for professional looking fields – like a deep red color to enhance contrast with the white ball?

Liquid Holding Capacity: This measures the internal pore volume of the mineral. Will your conditioner absorb, and more importantly retain moisture?

Stability: Will your conditioner resist breakdown and deliver long-lasting performance?

Minimal Dust: Will the product apply cleanly and not blow away?

About the Mineral

The Perfect Soil Conditioner

No other conditioner in the industry has higher absorption rates or lasts longer on your field. That means longer life for your sports field turf, less field maintenance, greater safety for the players and all-around better playing surfaces.

Pro's Choice products are developed to be one of the most absorbent soil conditioners possible, by thermally optimizing montmorillonite to drive out all the moisture and enhance its natural porosity. This process transforms the mineral into a hard, ceramic-like material. The ceramic structure remains rigid and will not break down in the field.

Pro's Choice sports field products is the only manufacturer who produces soil conditioners utilizing a seven-step process. They start with a material that is inherently deep red. The absorbent clay is mined, sized, dried, ground into specific particle sizes, dried again, thermally optimized and de-dusted with our own air-swept technology.

This process is unique to Pro's Choice products and ensures the highest quality products on the market today. Because 100% of the granules are ground and sized prior to the thermal optimizing process, each granule receives the full benefit of thermal optimization.

The result is a product that helps prevent rainouts, breaks up compaction and improves your field's resiliency.

Montmorillonite Granule




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